Business Water

There are a number of tactics that can be put in place to enable your company to be more water efficient and to make considerable financial savings without compromising on service quality.

Our technology allows us to gain a detailed insight into your water usage, and from this information, recommend ways we can best save you money. It may be that your building is leaking more than the national average or you are effected by unidentified leakages.

Whatever the issue, we can find a cost-effective solution

As part of the Water Health Check, we’ll produce a 9 point plan which includes a FREE Water Audit* and includes services such as:

  • Consumption profiling
  • Identify incorrect charges and report
  • Negotiate & Claim rebates on your behalf
  • Recommend best practice & cost saving solutions
  • Water usage summary & brief report

Utilising our industry knowledge and market expertise, we’ll investigate and negotiate with the Water Authorities on your behalf to obtain refunds and lower your water costs

Rainwater Harvesting

Some parts of the UK can get over 3 metres of rainfall per year. If your business can re-purpose this rainfall it can help save money on your water bill. Rainwater harvesting can provide your business with an independent water supply during regional water restrictions or supplement your mains supply. Relatively simple to install, rainwater harvesting systems are an excellent conservation and corporate social responsibility measure if your business is a heavy water user.

Leak Detection Service

Every day more than 3.3 billion litres of treated water – 20 per cent of the nation’s supply – is lost through leakage, and not all of it is through the major supply network. Your property or estate can be susceptible to both supply side and in-building leaks, costing your business for both the actual water supply and in damage caused by the leaks themselves. Our leak detection service means our team of experts are provided with the best equipment available to help locate any leaks quickly and accurately.

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© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved