Care Home

Care Homes have continued to face many operational issues over the last few year and increased operational costs have just added to the problem. With the prices of electricity and has continually to increase significantly over the last few years and with no sign of the prices continuing to slow down many Care homes that don’t have an energy expert looking at advising them what is the best strategy for them on their energy costs and efficiency shall struggle to stay on top of this increasing fixed cost which they have no control over.

Although the government has introduced several incentives and grants that many Care home providers are entitled to having the time and expertise to navigate what they are and not entitled to often means that they never get started. This is where Energy Prices Direct can help as we can work with you to reduce your costs, assist with grants and working on reducing these increased costs which will across the UK to reduce their energy costs. We work very closely with these organisations to fully understand their utilities needs and then help them to secure the best possible energy contract and improve your bottom line.

It’s a well known fact that Energy suppliers by their own admission often invoice customers incorrectly as not all businesses are expected to pay all the relevant levies and charges and this is where Energy Prices Direct can help. We often find Care Home operators tend not to have the time and expertise to establish whether what they are paying is correct?

Having a dedicated team that are specialists with understanding and dealing with Care Homes can your business really afford not to speak to us?

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© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved