Charities and Non-profit making Organisations

Unfortunately, energy suppliers don’t have any special tariffs or discounts for Charities & non-profit making organizations and with the constant increase in the price of energy year on year, many non-profit organizations are really struggling with paying the cost of energy.

Many non-profit organizations also depend on volunteers to run their organization on a day-to-day basis and with the lack of resources and experience in procurement often end up paying a lot more for their energy bills than those in the private sector.

At Energy Prices Direct we have taken a unique initiative for charities helping them to reduce their utility bills and also arranging VAT rebates.

We have helped hundreds of charities and non-profit making organizations to get the right price for their electricity and gas contracts.

We have a team of specialist consultants who works closely with charitable and not-for-profit organizations across the UK to reduce their energy costs. We work very closely with these organizations to fully understand their utility needs and then help them to secure the best possible energy contract.

We are one of the UK’s biggest energy buying consortiums and by grouping the consumption together of our customers we are able to get a much better price from suppliers than individual customers requesting a price directly from a supplier.

More than 50% of clients are Churches, Mosques, Community Centres, temples, Village halls, and social clubs we make sure that they don’t pay more than they should be paying.

Contact us today on 0208 144 3802, to find out how we can help your charity to save money on your Utilities.

VAT & CCL Rebate for Charities

Most of the charities are also unaware that they are getting charged VAT at the incorrect rate and they are paying their utility bills under business tariff.

Our recent energy survey shows their around 56% of the charities don’t know that have been charged incorrect VAT rate, CCl and hidden charges which they shouldn’t be paying. We also help these organizations to claim their VAT & CCL. This can usually be quite a significant saving.

We help you to claim your rebate for the past 3 to 4 years either from your energy supplier or HMRC.

If you are paying incorrect VAT or Higher prices more than what you should speak to our experts today – please call us on 0208 144 3802 and 0208 144 3803. Glasgow Office – 0141 354 1694.

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© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved