Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring
Our advanced and bespoke software allows us to collaboratively monitor your energy consumption, giving us absolute clarity in where and how you can reduce your energy rates.

Energy Prices Direct’s Smart Metering and Energy Analysis allows us to gain an overall understanding of where your business is over-using and over-spending on electricity and commercial gas. Through this process, we can ensure our recommendations are grounded in real and accurate results.
  • All in one tools
  • Customisation
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
All of the energy monitoring tools you’ll ever need – in one place.

Energy Manager has been developed by our team of energy consultants to give you the ultimate insight into your energy consumption to help you identify opportunities to lower your business energy cost.

With Energy Manager you can:
  • Collect consumption data – and display this data in easily configurable dashboards
  • Analyse your consumption – against your company benchmarks, previous periods and across multiple sites
  • Easily Generate Reports – Give your team the insight they need, not just statistics
  • Set Smart Alerts – that indicate overspend against your benchmarks and targets keeping you in full control.
Clear, customisable dashboards

Energy Manager real-time monitors all meters, systems and buildings and delivers all of this data into simple graphical dashboards.

  • Flexible – Quickly understand complex energy, gas and water usage data by adapting your dashboard to show only the financial or consumption information you need.
  • Customisable – Easily create customisable views for different stakeholders from Finance Directors to Maintenance teams with the most relevant KPI’s for each
  • Add Comments – Highlight energy management success or identify problem areas for action.
Powerful analysis, made simple:

With Energy Manager’s powerful analytics tools, you can become an expert on your energy consumption. You can collect and analyse data from any vendor’s meters and sensors so we can immediately integrate Energy Manager into your business.

  • Identify Immediate Cost Savings – based on benchmarks from different sites
  • Develop Profiles – based on usage to enable smarter business energy procurement
  • Easily Recognise patterns –  to identify inefficiencies and make changes for the biggest consumption impact
  • Set Benchmarks – in line with KPI’s and targets for simple reporting and to configure alarms
Insightful reporting:

With Energy Manager’s reporting feature, you can easily create simple reports to give you the exact information you need, not just useless statistics.

  • Automatic Reporting – Get reports straight to your inbox exactly when you need them, weekly, monthly or for meetings.
  • Simple Comparisons – Compare sites, profiles, previous time-periods and even building in complex degree day data to factor in the weather!
  • Automatic Meter Read Reports – perfect for sub-billing in tenanted buildings.
  • Report Bill Validation – Easily validate your bill to only pay for what you use.
Immediate & responsive alerts:

Energy Manager keeps you in control of your energy consumption with easily customisable alerts.

  • Automatic Usage Alerts – Customise alerts to detect irregularities based on typical or targeted use
  • Multiple Alert Types – Set up alerts to notify different users by the most appropriate method – e-mail or SMS
  • Infinitely Flexible – Configure alerts to avoid excess energy penalties, such as load penalties for a specific tariff time band

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© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved