New Connections

New Meter Installation / Site Works

Energy Prices Direct have a dedicated in house team that can deal with all aspects of a new connection from arranging a new electricity or gas supply into a building that does not currently have any electricity or gas such as a new built to working with commercial landlords who wish to alter the existing layout and add additional electricity and gas meters.

Case Study –

Our client acquired the above property and decided to rent out the property to two separate operators which previously traded as one unit and we were tasked to split the existing electricity and gas connection for the hotel and bar/restaurant and arrange for a new separate connection for the restaurant/bar.

Our service included the preparation and submission of the application to the gas and electricity board as well as liaising with them from the initial quote right through to having all works completed including arranging for the new gas and electricity meters to be installed.

Having an experienced team to deal with your requirements ensures that you get what you need done a lot quicker and cheaper. As we work with the electricity and gas board on a daily basis and have a trusted working relationship with them we can often get things approved quicker then if you were to try and do it yourself.

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© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved