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Who we are?

Energy Prices Direct is one of UK’s largest energy buying consortiums with thousands of customers. Our many years of experience within the energy industry and enormous buying power means that your business would really benefit from speaking to Energy Prices Direct about your energy procurement. Energy Prices Direct is your personal energy expert and works to make sure that you never pay more than you need too and where possible reduce your consumption to make your business more energy efficient.

What we do?

By procuring your energy through Energy Prices Direct we can ensure even a small convenience store will pay the same price for it’s energy and get the same service as a large supermarket chain. We also ensure that all our customers are billed correctly as we offer a free bill validation service as often energy suppliers tell us that they get it wrong when it comes to invoicing. We often get refunds back for clients where they would have not know that they have been overcharged.

We appreciate that us a business you would love to reduce your costs and consumption but often don’t have the time or experience to deal with it and therefore it’s never dealt with. Energy Prices Direct deals with that problem as we take the hassle out of dealing with your energy needs allowing you to concentrate on your business

Energy Prices Direct

Why it pays to put the Energy Professionals to work
Since our foundation in 2009 we have seen that energy costs have risen sharply and this upward pressure will continue to grow as the UK faces an energy gap as old power stations close and renewable sources slowly come on stream. Carbon reduction targets are also adding complications and with the energy market been really volatile and global issues affecting the energy market it is even more important now to get an energy expert to assist your business or organisation when it comes to your energy procurement.

The Energy Prices Direct vision
Now more than ever, businesses need the clear, cost-effective solutions we provide. For thousands of clients we procure money saving gas and electricity contracts and provide time saving account management. From us they expect the same level of performance as they receive from professionals in key areas, such the law and accountancy. As well respected practitioners in business energy our vision is to lead the market and set the highest levels of quality standards.

Intelligent procurement
As experienced energy consultants we track market fluctuations and analyse trends to avoid peaks in price. Then we make it simpler to choose the most cost-efficient energy contacts over the most advantageous period with the most suitable energy supplier. Having preferential partner status and established relationships with all UK tier 1 and tier 2 energy suppliers, we can be relied upon always to obtain the best market rate for your level of energy need.

Individual management
With Energy Prices Direct you have the advantage of your own dedicated account manager to deal with energy suppliers on your behalf. They will apply their specialist training and experience to sort out any contractual and billing issues and provide bureau services such as cost monitoring and invoice validation. There’s no need to tie up in-house resources. It’s like having your own energy department to deploy as and when it’s necessary.

Carbon reduction
The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC’s) requires business and public sector organisations to monitor and report on carbon emissions and purchase allowances to cover each tonne of carbon they emit. We can help administer the scheme for you and advise on mitigating such costs by introducing low carbon technologies. From LED light bulbs, to combined heat and power to micro generation, solar and wind power, we can recommend and implement the solution.

Quality of Service
For us an open, honest and transparent relationship with a client is the only approach that works. It goes further than reaching an understanding of the nature of your business and goals. It means establishing a professional partnership between your key people and ours. Where there is trust there is speedy decision making, effective and direct communication and the confidence to go forwards and with the right contracts in place and the most relevant services running smoothly. We therefore pledge to:

Build on our capabilities to deliver high quality solutions and services – first time, every time, on time.
Provide the best customer experience through innovation, teamwork and continuously making improvements to foresee and fully meet your expectations.

Rely on all our people to be personally accountable for putting the customer first and honouring the commitments we make. As a energy consultancy we may be paid a commission from the energy suppliers.

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