Professional Procurement

Our core business is to assist private and public sector organisations to reduce their energy running costs and usage and deliver worthwhile savings  – whilst relieving clients of the burden of monitoring and managing all the details.  As you no doubt realise, trying to find the best energy deal for your business can be a frustrating task.

Trying to sort out all the different suppliers, tariffs and service levels takes up valuable time. We can shoulder the burden and weigh up all the factors which have bearing on deciding the correct procurement pathway, for example, daily and seasonal demand patterns and the choice of flexible or fixed term contacts

Fixed term and price contracts  Smaller business often have supply agreements that are fixed priced and normally negotiated on a yearly basis. This exposes them to the volatility of market trends. Our experienced analysts will use their market knowledge to avoid ‘peaks’ by careful planning and forecasting, enabling you to decide whether to take a longer term contract or to help mitigate your risk as much as possible.

Flexible Contracts   Larger energy users may profitably consider opting for flexible purchasing agreements.  These provide more purchasing options, long term contracts and transparency from suppliers. They need to be part of a strategic approach.

Energy Prices Direct offers the guidance and expertise to give you confidence that you are making the right choice at the right time for your organisation.  We have a preferred and extensive portfolio of established and reliable utility companies that provide us with direct access to a huge range of tariffs and prices.  Having gained an understanding of your business, we will recommend the best electricity or gas contract for your needs, ensuring you get the right combination of price and service level.

© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2012 – 2021 | All Rights Reserved